How to Get More Creative

If you are struggling to get yourself to be more creative, this list of four tips is just for you!

1.  Bet on yourself or find a buddy to be accountable to:

  • Create a contract with yourself.  It doesn’t need to be fancy, just write up a statement that you will actively make the effort to be more creative every single day.  Sign and date it and put it somewhere you will see it every day.  Since you’re a creative make it a beautiful contract.
  • If this doesn’t work for you, find an accountability buddy.  I’ve used Similarly you can try Beeminder or Stickk to give yourself a little sting if you don’t do what you say you want to do.
  • You can also find a facebook group of creatives and visit and post your work each day.  Art World’s Facebook page is highly active and you can post your work as soon as your join request is accepted.

2.  Get your head right:

  • Meditate, pray or sit for a little self hypnosis daily.  Connect with your higher self.  Create some Headspace to make room for creativity.  Headspace is a great site that you’ll only need to spare 3-4 minutes daily to start-it’s great for beginners.  So give your brain and body permission to disconnect from everything and just be.  Let those worrisome thoughts float away-this is vacation time for your brain.  Studies have shown among other benefits that meditation strengthens the ability to focus and keep your attention on a task.  The most powerful benefit you’ll get is an increase in gray matter in your brain.  This makes it easier to make creative connections as well as the ability to get into the state of “flow”-which is extremely important for creative work.  (Bonus: It has also been shown to reduce stress, worry and anxiety too!  Make it easier on yourself to think more about the beauty you want to create instead.)

3.  Exercise and Eat a Brain Healthy Diet:

  • These can be tough ones, but they have so many powerful benefits similar to the ones meditation give you (see above.)  You will create a rock solid foundation of sound mind and body.  I recommend incorporating a healthy smoothie with baby kale (it’s not bitter like full grown kale.)  Start with just a little kale if you thinks its weird-but kale is practically a magical vegetable-I put mine with 1/4 cup of pineapple, a few frozen strawberries, half a banana and some pea protein powder (I’m vegan, so I need it.) with water.  Start out with your favorite fruits-but really try to start incorporating a small amount of baby kale and increase it little by little.  Smoothies are one of the easiest, healthiest ways to get your fruits and veggies.  Check out some more Magical Smoothie recipes on
  • For exercise, If it’s been a while or you’re just starting out, start with putting your sneakers on-every day-at a time that you can put 10 minutes aside each day.  Once you’ve done this for a few days, just go out and walk for 5 minutes and each week slowly increase the time.  The key here is forming a new habit which brings us to the next golden nugget on the list:

4.  Adopt Tiny Habits:

  • If you are not creating something daily or you haven’t incorporated the any of the above, you’ll need to adopt these new habits.  The most effective way to create habits is to create tiny habits.  These are “start small” habits that you can attach to an already formed habit, one that makes sense to attach it to such as flossing one tooth immediately after brushing your teeth.  Think of brushing your teeth as your new “trigger” to attach to the new habit.  Take the week long Tiny Habits challenge which was created and set up by BJ Fogg, PhD.  Dr. Fogg is the Director of the Persuasive Tech Lab at Stanford University, so you can be assured you are in good hands. I recommend starting a tiny habit of one 5 minute sketch per day or a similar type of creative habit.  I did it and I was amazed that I could actually create in such a short amount of time and even at a decent quality!  I learned to make it a habit that added to my library of ideas and sketches which I can use for future projects.  Powerful stuff!

So what are you waiting for?  Get started! Lots of people want to see your creative power at work!  You could even make a business out of it.

Feel free to share your work in a comment below, and happy creating!