Crystal Gillis

I started learning about digital art in 2006, and by 2008 I had my first website Scrapbrush which offered free digital scrapbook kits and Photoshop brushes. It was a fun hobby and my items were shared across the web in digital scrapbooking circles as well as Photoshop tool websites. 

In 2011 I learned of the public domain and turned my love of the Art Nouveau period and old illustrations into an Etsy business.  I added to, remixed, touched up and converted to vector over a hundred public domain images.  I added my own original creations to my shop and both turned out to be popular.  Back in those days I manually sent the files via email to each and every customer.  Now things are different and digital downloads are but a moment away! 

I’ve also donated to the public domain some of my original clip art to 

I hope my work helps you to create a business or at least a little happiness!  You can check out my 1000+ positive feedback here.