Color Ideas for Designers

I’m excited to learn that Pantone’s color of the year for 2018 is a shade of my favorite color purple!  It’s Ultra Violet!

The color purple is sacred in many cultures, is designated for important, spiritual and mystical themes and is well known as the color of royalty.

Pantone is a great source for designers to get an idea of color palettes that will be featured and followed by designers across all fields including fashion, makeup, and room decor.  Pantone has released several color palettes for designers that incorporate this color and its variations.  Here are a few:


See the rest at Pantone’s Designer’s tools page here.  There are bolder palettes “Attitude” and “Desert Sunset” which are yummy to view and will fit in nicely will the current bold color trends also in vogue right now.

I’m currently sketching ideas for a new digital clip art package I’m working on “Unicorn Party” and these colors fit right in with the huge current popularity of Unicorns.  Look out for this package on my Release Wednesday 1/17!